Transformational Community Alignment
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Consulting Services

Consulting services

Transformational Community Alignment (TCA) is an innovative consulting firm engaged by philanthropists and public-funders to align community resources and efforts for efficient, effective delivery of community services.  

Using information and data gathered from TCA’s unique Impact for Alignment Forecast™ or IAF, a community’s services are mapped; leading to a strategy and a forecast that helps to create a continuum of services that are delivered to consumers while optimizing financial support and maximizing outcomes on issues most important to a community and program funders.

The TCA Difference

Personal Attention

During their careers, Megan Shultz and Tracy Ellis have been on both sides of the funding and service delivery spectrum. They understand that at its core, the work TCA does focuses on helping philanthropists and public-funding agencies ensure that the money they invest does the most good for the most people. Megan and Tracy recognize that in a people-first business, personal attention is not optional.

Proprietary Approach

Navigating the complex landscape of public and private philanthropy is nearly impossible without a map. Megan and Tracy have developed a veritable GPS with their unique Impact of Alignment Forecastor IAF. The IAF is a proprietary assessment tool that produces a comprehensive, unobstructed asset mapping of community resources and a forecast that identifies service duplications and gaps, as well as new high-potential strategic opportunities for alignment and impact.

Small Firm with Big Performance

Like most genuine innovations, the IAF developed by Megan and Tracy gives them an edge when it comes to identifying the most important information needed to help clients understand how best to fully leverage their funding. It is an advantage that gives Megan and Tracy the ability to focus their combined half-century of management and health and human services experience on the needs of each individual client. The synergy produces big time results.

The TCA Solution – A Three-Phase Process

TCA’s three-phase process is centered on each client 

Megan and Tracy customize key aspects of their approach to best serve each client and specific project, beginning with questions essential for all funders to determine crucial strategies that create the best path forward: 

  • What if you had a tool that could show you the number of people who aren’t able to access the services you are funding?
  • What if you could see exactly where duplication and inefficiency are reducing the impact of your funding?
  • What if you knew which community partners would be willing to help you improve service delivery?
  • Would it be worth the investment of your time to learn how sharpening your strategic focus could improve the performance of your investment in the community?

TCA employs six core principles to answer these questions and produce a realistic and flexible strategy for making the greatest potential impact from every committed resource and dollar invested:

  • Credible Evaluation & Context
  • Identifying Uncertainty & Risk Dynamics
  • Transparency & Information Sharing
  • Inclusive & Collaborative Processes
  • Aligned Decision-Making
  • Creating Maximum Value

Phase 1 – Assessment

Validating the Need for a New View of the Community

The Impact of Alignment Forecast™ uses a unique three-prong approach to open a window to the effectiveness of community and organizational philanthropy by understanding the current state of service delivery, identifying gaps in services, and projecting high-level external trends likely to affect the local area and key populations in need.  The IAF provides the information philanthropists and communities need to propel themselves forward to ensure maximum investment impact:

  • High-Impact trends
  • Service Delivery Profile
  • Client Target Populations Profiles
  • Impact Factors Analysis: Coordination, Reach, Readiness
  • Performance Benchmarking & Scorecard
  • Opportunities “To Move The Needle”
  • Recommendations & Next Steps

Phase 2 – Strategy & Planning

Accelerating Positive Change

Using the Impact of Alignment Forecast, TCA develops a realistic strategy that is translated to practical action.  TCA’s strategic planning includes valuable business/feasibility perspective that leverages analytics and tools. Phase 2 concludes with delivery of our 90-Day Quick Start Plan that provides the direction for implementation.


Phase 3 – Implementation

Outcome-Based Sustainable Solutions

TCA partners with client teams to add capacity and expertise to implement the 90-Day Quick Start Plan.  TCA delivers exceptional service and dependable program and/or project management to meet each client’s unique needs.