Our Story

TCA was founded by two recognized leaders in the health and human services sector. Megan Shultz and Tracy Ellis have nearly 50-years of combined health care, nonprofit and corporate leadership experience. Megan’s experience as the Executive Director of CASA of Lane County gave her a unique opportunity to work across multiple systems on the local, state and national levels.  She found that the duplicative efforts, lack of coordination, communication challenges and limited collaborative planning were hindering outcomes.  Her vision and passion for radical change resonated with Tracy who had worked with Megan as a CASA board member and observed the same potential in his experience as the Senior Director of Strategy & Planning with PeaceHealth. Together they have developed an innovative outcomes-based approach to assist providers, funders and policy makers in their efforts to create strategies that deliver Transformational Community Alignment.

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Move the Needle -
Make a Difference.


Our Capabilities

TCA’s principals, Megan Shultz and Tracy Ellis, provide the personal attention that every client expects from a boutique firm, but they deliver top-tier results with unparalleled consultation and strategic planning. TCA customizes its consulting and strategic services based on a client’s internal capabilities and needs.

TCA’s three primary areas of consultation - Market Assessment, Strategic & Business Planning, and Implementation Management - support and enhance a client’s key internal strategies and operational capabilities to accelerate the pace for positive change and a timely return/value on their investment.
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Client Services

TCA provides consulting services to private and community foundations, community initiatives, nonprofit service organizations, benefit corporations and governmental organizations.

TCA combines six core principles with a unique strategic planning tool — the Impact of Alignment Forecast™ or IAF — to produce a realistic and flexible strategy for making the most of every donated dollar.
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Case Study: Eugene, Oregon - Runaway Homeless Youth

Eugene, Oregon

For some, the seeds of chronic, long-term homelessness are planted early, during school age for at-risk youth. Every year, the Eugene community is faced with approximately 150 runaway youth and 275 unaccompanied homeless students who are struggling to stay connected to school.  These 425 youth reflect a conservative estimate of the total population suspected to be at potential risk for chronic, long-term homelessness.
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Impact of Alignment Forecast™

Validating the Need for a New View of the Community


At the core of TCA’s unique strategic planning approach is the Impact of Alignment Forecast™ (IAF). The IAF produces a comprehensive asset mapping of the community designed to provide an unobstructed view of the market. The forecast identifies duplication, critical gaps in services and new high potential strategic opportunities for greater alignment and impact of effort.

TCA uses the IAF as the foundation for an innovative and collaborative partnership with clients to help them more fully leverage their funding. The result: Philanthropists accelerate the pace of change in the community by funding efforts that have demonstrated improved cost efficiencies, service quality and accessibility for the populations being served.

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How Does TCA Improve Outcomes?

Aligning resources to create value-added change