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Our Story

Two recognized leaders in the health and human services sector founded TCA. Megan Shultz and Tracy Ellis have nearly 50-years of combined health care, nonprofit and corporate leadership experience. Megan’s experience as the Executive Director of CASA of Lane County gave her a unique opportunity to work across multiple systems on the local, state and national levels.  She found that the duplicative efforts, lack of coordination, communication challenges and limited collaborative planning were hindering outcomes.  Her vision and passion for radical change resonated with Tracy who had worked with Megan as a CASA board member and observed the same potential in his experience as the Senior Director of Strategy & Planning with PeaceHealth. Together they have developed an innovative outcomes-based approach to assist providers, funders and policy makers in their efforts to create strategies that deliver Transformational Community Alignment. 2019 brings expansion to TCA as Tracy and Megan add individual business lines to TCA to better serve our clients. Megan’s new business line is MSH Consulting Northwest supporting projects like the 15th Night and other social sector projects.

Our Vision, Mission & Values


TCA will be the recognized leader in accelerating sustainable improvements in the alignment of effort, the pace of change and the overall impact of services delivered to populations most in need in our community.


TCA is committed to be the partner of choice for philanthropists, foundations, government agencies, and community organization in realizing their full potential for optimizing the strategic application, efficiency, and effectiveness of investments made for creating sustainable positive social change.


Transparent collaboration and greater good imperative guide all of TCA’s relationships and work.

Our Team



Megan Shultz

Megan has more than 20 years of management experience in the nonprofit sector, reflecting her deep commitment of service to the community and to those in need.  

Her leadership qualities parallel the TCA mission and values:  innovative problem solving, an understanding of complex systems, teamwork and relationship building centered on trust.  She has extensive experience with government agencies, social service providers and philanthropic organizations. 

Prior to co-founding TCA, Megan was the executive director of Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) of Lane County for 15 years and served on various county and state committees, including: the Foster Care Safety Team for the Oregon Department of Human Services (chair), appointed by state legislature to Child Safety Workgroup, CASA Task Force and HB3363 Workgroup, President of the Oregon CASA Network, Co-Founder of a community initiative – “90by30” to reduce child abuse in Lane County.

Megan’s new business line is MSH Consulting Northwest supporting projects like the 15th Night and other social sector projects - “Simply Making Things Happen".  

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Tracy Ellis

Tracy has 30 years of professional and management experience in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors, across a range of industries and organizational structures. As the Senior Director for strategy for a large Northwest health system, Tracy developed deep insight into the network of agencies and community partners that support vulnerable populations. He has expertise in strategic planning, exploring markets for new growth opportunities and developing approaches to realize their full potential. Tracy also has extensive experience leading and managing large complex projects.

Tracy recently completed a five year term on the governing board of ShelterCare, and previously also served for five years on the board of Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA), including as president.

He participated in the PeaceHealth/Intermountain leaders Advanced Training Program (ATP) and Leadership In Ministry (LIM), as well as the Eugene-Springfield Chamber of Commerce Leadership program.

Tracy has Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in business-related disciplines from the University of Oregon, strategic planning coursework through Cal Tech, and has participated extensively in Stanford University programs focused on strategy, decision-making and risk analysis. To learn more about his background and commercial sector business consulting expertise please visit

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