Transformational Community Alignment
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Harris Ingram LLP

Accelerate  The Pace Of Positive Change

Transformational Community Alignment (TCA) is a consulting firm known for being an agile and responsive partner to a variety of organizations, working to advance community wellness initiatives through cross-system collaboration and alignment.  

Our past work in the health and human services sector uncovered that progress on important community wellness issues is hindered by duplicative efforts, lack of coordination, communication challenges and limited collaborative planning across multiple systems on local, state and national levels. This lack of alignment can have a devastating affect on the most vulnerable populations in need. Our collective experience inspired us to start TCA and develop an innovative approach to community wellness issues centered on collaboration and alignment.

The TCA Solution—A Three-Phase Approach


Phase 1– Assessment

TCA starts with the Impact of Alignment Forecast™ – an evidence-based process that analyzes the current state of service delivery, identifies gaps and projects high-level external trends expected to affect the local area. These insights pinpoint opportunities likely to make a positive difference to key populations in need.


Phase 2 – Strategy & Planning

Using the Impact of Alignment Forecast™, TCA develops a realistic and actionable strategy to jumpstart constructive change. TCA engages key stakeholders and actively facilitates decision-making to create a business plan blueprint that includes a 90-Day Quick Start Plan.


 Phase 3– Implementation

In Phase 3, TCA translates strategy into practical action using the 90-Day Quick Start Plan to fast-track implementation. Building on Phases 1 and 2, TCA partners with client teams to add capacity and expertise— accelerating the pace of positive change.


TCA Maximizes Investment Impact

TCA takes a strength-based approach to identify and leverage existing resources and improve cross-system collaboration with a wide range of clients:

  • Coordinated Care Organizations [CCO]
  • Non-Government Organizations [NGO]
  • Community, Family and Corporate Foundations
  • Local Municipalities including Cities and Counties